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Blessed Alvaro del Portillo Newsletter No. 9 (2022)

Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, Saint Josemaria's first successor at the head of Opus Dei, was consecrated as a bishop by St John Paul II on 6 January 1991. On the anniversary of this occasion, we offer a Newsletter dedicated to his efforts to drive the new evangelisation.


“Isidoro 100%” – Illustrated Profile of Isidoro Zorzano

“Isidoro 100%” is a sketch of the life of Venerable Isidoro Zorzano, based on 259 testimonies collected after his early death at the age of 41 when he was working as an engineer for the Spanish railroad system.

Isidoro Zorzano

Customers at my pharmacy

I am a pharmacist and I own a pharmacy. I am going to tell you about two of the many favours that Don Alvaro has done for me.


A nine-month journey. A master's degree. A baby.

Blessed Alvaro del Portillo has brought us more than one joy, one after another. Thank you, Don Alvaro!


A mother's prayer and the intercession of Blessed Alvaro

Something so seemingly simple as transferring to another apartment in some places is not that easy.


Helping my children at home and with their studies

Online classes: an opportunity to grow in devotion to Don Alvaro


A Tumour in the Pancreas

There are occasions in life where reversals in health impose themselves irremediably, but where the family and confidence in God make one see the other side of the problem.


I got a raise and could continue my studies

My situation at work was not easy. On one occasion, I needed a raise; on another, I needed to change location in order to continue with my studies.


Between books, contracts and troubles

For many years, Blessed Alvaro was in charge of carrying out financial matters that Saint Josemaría entrusted to him. For this reason, people from all over the world turn to his intercession in similar situations. We publish some favours narrated in the first person.


From novena to novena

Thinking about several sick relatives and friends, I decided to begin a series of novenas asking for their health. The first novena was for the mother of a friend of mine.