Everything With a Smile

Maria Spenger lives in Graz, Austria, with her husband and two daughters. As a Cooperator of Opus Dei, she is grateful for the formation that helps her remain peaceful and find God in those around her.

Ever since I began to attend some means of formation, I’ve often felt I was “consuming” goods constantly and giving nothing back in return. Now, as a Cooperator, I can make a contribution, but above all I receive help to sanctify my daily life and do everything with a smile. I find it challenging to be faithful to prayer, and put order into my daily life: getting up, praying, looking after the children at school, shopping, doing housework, tackling piles of dirty clothes, cooking....

I’ve learned how to set priorities and work in a more orderly way. One of the most important things I’ve learned is how to discover God in my neighbor, in the people around me, in those who are suffering and are in need, and also in the beauty and happiness of a relationship. By meditating on the message of St. Josemaría I’ve discovered how a person liberated from their selfishness becomes freer and more generous, able to provide human richness to relationships with others.

Maria Spenger lives in Graz, Austria. She is a kindergarten teacher.