The World's Happiness Begins at Home

For a ceremony held in Boca de Huergano to mark the centenary of Dora del Hoyo’s birth, the Prelate of Opus Dei sent a message and Pope Francis sent his apostolic blessing.

Only 500 people live in Boca de Huergano (Leon, Spain) where Dora del Hoyo was born.

“Dora del Hoyo's life was of great importance for Opus Dei, because of her faithfulness and her professional work done as perfectly as possible, adorned with the humility that led her 'to do and disappear.' Therefore her life has been so effective."

These words from the Prelate of Opus Dei are part of a message he sent for the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Dora del Hoyo, whose process of canonization was opened in 2011. At the end of March a simple ceremony was held to commemorate her life, in Boca de Huergano, the small town where she was born.

Several hundred people attended the act, which began in the Del Hoyo family home. The mayor, Tomas Sierra, uncovered a commemorative plaque with the inscription: “To Dora del Hoyo Alonso, on the hundredth anniversary of her birth, for her contribution to social initiatives all over the world, under the impetus of Saint Josemaria. Boca de Huergano, 11 January 2014."

After this ceremony, Holy Mass was celebrated in the parish church. The priest officiating made reference to the Apostolic Blessing that the Holy Father had sent to the Del Hoyo family for her centenary, and read the complete message sent by the Prelate of Opus Dei.

Bishop Echevarría describes Dora as “a great woman, who was convinced that the happiness of the world begins with a serene family life, brought about by caring for a multitude of small and great details that foster an atmosphere of peace and good humor."

“She didn't seek any human glory for herself," the Prelate continued in the letter sent for the event, “any personal recognition, but made of her life a complete self-giving to God and those around her. She was a woman of faith, who trusted fully in what God was asking of her, working always with the hope that Opus Dei would one day spread throughout the world as we see today, thanks be to God."

After referring to Dora's process of canonization he continued: “The principle reason for any cause of canonization is to do good to others, contributing to the good of the Church. If the Holy Father, at the end of the process, authorizes her beatification (as we all hope), the example of Dora will help all of us to see the immense value of a life spent in a cheerful self-offering to God each day, in affectionate service in family homes, following the teachings of Saint Josemaria."

Relatives of Dora hold up the Apostolic Blessing sent by Pope Francis.

After the religious ceremony the mayor invited everyone to view a documentary on Dora del Hoyo's life. He also encouraged those present to take advantage of their stay to visit the beautiful vistas offered by the mountainous countryside of Leon where Dora was born.