Downloads for the Beatification

The texts for Alvaro del Portillo's Beatification Mass and Mass of Thanksgiving are now available in various formats in English, along with an extensive biography and information about sites related to his life and maps of Madrid.

Opus Dei - Downloads for the Beatification


Book for the Beatification of Alvaro del Portillo: epub, pdf, mobi

Beatification Mass (27 September 2014): epub, pdf, mobi, online

Mass of Thanksgiving (28 September 2014): epub, pdf, mobi, online

App "Don Alvaro"



More information

Map of Madrid

Map of Madrid in PDF format, specifically designed for participants in the beatification ceremony.

Maps of Madrid churches for Euchararistic Adoration and other liturgical acts:

PDF: Churches in Madrid that will hold acts during the Beatification.

PDF: Map of Madrid showing locations of these churches.

Bulletin: A helping hand

Social and educational projects inspired by Bishop Alvaro del Portillo.

Prayer for private devotion: in pdf.

For more information:

WhatsApp: +34 668 81 95 62 (instructions)