Philippines: Blessed Alvaro continues helping from Heaven

On this second anniversary of his Beatification, we include some accounts of favors obtained through the intercession of Blessed Alvaro del Portillo.

Blessed Alvaro with youth. Painting by Celso Pepito.

The Office for the Causes of the Saints of the Prelature of Opus Dei in the Philippines continues to receive letters (via email and by post) of favors received attributed to the intercession of Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, two years after his beatification in Madrid, Spain on September 27, 2014. Most favors reported deal with health issues and work. There are also accounts that testify Blessed Alvaro’s effectiveness in reconciling family members.

On the occasion of the beatification two years ago today, Pope Francis wrote that “Blessed Alvaro del Portillo is sending us a very clear message. He is telling us to trust in the Lord, that he is our brother, our friend, who never lets us down and is always at our side.”

We include in this article some accounts of favors obtained through the intercession of Blessed Alvaro, whom many recall affectionately for his kindness and paternal care.


I had my annual physical exam. My X-ray result showed suspicious apical densities in my left lung. I was afraid that my pulmonary tuberculosis was reactivated and I prayed asking the intercession of Blessed Alvaro that it may not be so. Moreover, I learned that if I had tuberculosis, my medical expenses would not be covered by HMO, unlike last year. I had another x-ray (apicolordotic view) and continued praying. When I got the results, I was moved to tears and gave thanks to God and Blessed Alvaro. My lungs were clear. The pulmonologist gave me a certification that I was fit to work.

(IM, May 10, 2016)


I am 87 years old and a widow for almost 16 years. I had episodes of mild stroke shortly after the death of my husband in 2001 and again in 2002. In May 2010, I tripped on a road in Lucban, Quezon when I was there for a birthday party. In June 2013, I missed a step, hit my chin, and could not easily move my left arm. I was always accompanied by my loved ones and was given the necessary medication.

But on February 25, 2016, coming home from Mass alone, I was opening the entrance door after the routine of climbing our stone staircase, when I fell to the left side, diving backwards with my head hitting the wall and eventually the cement floor. The height of the fall was around 8 feet. I was praying unceasingly to Blessed Álvaro, perhaps for around twenty minutes, until my grandson returned from the store where he bought items and saw me on the ground. I was immediately brought to the hospital for X-ray and CT Scan. I had a big gash (around 6.5 inches) on the back of my head. The tests revealed no fracture or hemorrhage. To date, I am able to walk in my room and do my leg exercises, with moderation. I attribute all these to Blessed Álvaro.

(EC, March 18, 2016)


My Third Year College class decided to sell 50-peso stickers to raise 300,000 pesos to fund an incoming Freshman scholar into our university. This cause was important because, once the K-12 would take effect, our university would have less budget for scholarships. We had four weeks to meet the target, which seemed impossible; and during the first two weeks, we hardly earned 100,000 pesos. At that time, my classmate told me about some women who raised the funds they needed for a project after praying to Blessed Alvaro. We told ourselves that we wouldn't lose anything if we asked him to help us reach our quota – "all for that scholar," we kept repeating.

That weekend, we went door-to-door to sell our stickers, and after we prayed once again to Blessed Alvaro, suddenly we were selling well, more than we thought we could earn in that village. We told ourselves that this was Blessed Alvaro's way of interceding for us. We continued praying and during that third week we made a whopping 188,000 pesos! It was a miracle, I told myself. I was convinced that my prayers to Blessed Alvaro were answered.

We were close to meeting our 300,000-peso target, but my class decided that after our Week 3 success, we would aim to raise 170,000 pesos for Week 4. My prayers to Blessed Alvaro only increased as our quota did. To cut the long story short, we didn't just make 170,000 pesos in Week 4; we made nearly 190,000 pesos, even despite the long weekends where we couldn't sell in school or couldn't find schools to go to for direct selling. In total, we made 430,000 pesos in net profit, and every cent goes to the scholarship fund of our university. I personally believe it wouldn't have been possible without the intercession of Blessed Alvaro.

(MG, Feb 16, 2016)

Those who receive favors from God through the intercession of Blessed Alvaro, can send their stories to the Office for the Causes of Saints of the Prelature of Opus Dei in the Philippines Personal testimonies of the effectiveness of his intercession will contribute to spreading the devotion to Blessed Alvaro del Portillo.