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Sanctifying Ordinary Work: a Hat Designer

Donata is a hat designer for a well-known fashion firm in Rome. Many of her designs are used in international movie productions.

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October 6: Canonization of Saint Josemaria

Saint Josemaria was canonized by Pope John Paul II on October 6, 2002. In this brief video, he sums up the heart of his message.

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Sanctifying Ordinary Work: a Cheese Seller

Giorgio works in the dairy industry in Italy. Married and with five children, the art of cheese-making for him is a bit like a “proof” for God’s existence.

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Sanctifying Ordinary Work: the Job of Looking for a Job

When he retired, Marco started helping the unemployed in his hometown of Verona, Italy, to find work. "I am happy that God is making use of my talents to continue helping other people."

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9 Quotes on Work from Saint Josemaria Escriva

"A few weeks ago, my wife suggested that we pray a novena regarding my unemployment. After searching for a novena online, I found the 'Novena for Work to Saint Josemaria Escriva.'"

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"Holiness Through Work": A Book With Reflections By The Prelate

Edited by Maria Aparecida Ferrari, it includes a discussion between Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz and scholars regarding St. Josemaría’s teachings on work.

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"Music is the most spiritual art"

Alvaro is a concert pianist in Brazil. He speaks about how the teachings of Saint Josemaria have helped him to contemplate God, the Fullness of Beauty, in his work.

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My Family and Our Dental Clinic

Abing Chan and her husband live in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Both work as dentists. Abing shares reflections and stories about her work, both as a mother and dentist.

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"To succeed you need not act like a man"

UNIV Kenya Women’s Congress 2019 took place on Saturday 23rd February at Strathmore University, on the topic "The Transformative Power of Work." UNIV is an annual international university congress that takes place in Rome during Holy Week.

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Something Great That Is Love (VI): So that the music plays

The vocation to Opus Dei is a call to "interpret" personally a musical score, to play a divine music that has as many interpretations as persons.

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