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A Tribute to Kemi

Some anecdotes and moving personal testimonies of Kemi Adekoya, an assistant numerary who died unexpectedly on Sunday 19th, September, 2021

Opus Dei in this country

Luckily, We Had You Here

Msgr. Robert Lozano (1932-2020), a Mexican, spent more than three decades in Nigeria and was instrumental in preparing a solid foundation for the apostolates of the Work. Msgr. Ignatius G. Sotos sheds light on the personality of Fr. Robert who was recently called to the Lord.

Opus Dei in this country

Caring for the Elderly When They Need It Most

"As I delved deeper into the reality of aging (some of which I gleaned through caring for my own family) certain unmet needs became more apparent to me." An attorney shares how and why she founded a homecare agency for the elderly.

Personal testimonies

Marian: Bursting the Bubble

Marian from Puerto Rico says she grew up in a "bubble": between her family and her school, all her needs were always met. All of that changed after doing some community service at school. Motivated by Saint Josemaria's encouragement to foster a genuine concern for every person, she also wants to help others to see beyond their own immediate needs.

Personal testimonies

"I still read 'The Way' for inspiration"

Michael Miley, drummer for the Rival Sons, discovered the Catholic faith through a friend. He says Saint Josemaria's book "The Way" motivates him to want to do his work better.


"The run of his life" – article published in "Aleteia"

Kyle Lang, a Princeton student, took part in a coast-to-coast run last summer to raise money for charity. He says that Saint Josemaria's writings on sanctifying ordinary life taught him to incorporate his faith into his sport.

Personal testimonies

The beginning of my love affair with God

Collins finds God in a centre of Opus Dei in Enugu, Nigeria.

Personal testimonies

"I want what this lady has!"

Olga Medina worked with Dora del Hoyo for five years. She describes what she learned from watching Dora in action, and how Dora helped her approach her own work in a new, more profound way.

Life and Stories

Memories of Bishop Javier Echevarría

Nicola Waite, a member of Opus Dei's Central Advisory in Rome, shares some memories of her time working with Bishop Javier Echevarria. "You could see as he talked that he was in constant conversation with God – you felt like he was talking to God, and encouraged you to do the same. And as somebody who was new to this whole world of the Catholic faith, that was very attractive. It was something that I felt...I want that!"

From the Prelate

The Happiest Woman in the World

“Dora once said that she thought she was the happiest woman in the world,” remembers Ezia Mucciarelli, who worked with Dora for 25 years, from August of 1971 until March of 1996.

Life and Stories