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Pope Francis Celebrated Mass on All Saints Day in Rome's Biggest Municipal Cemetery

Pope Francis celebrated Mass on All Saints Day in Rome's biggest municipal cemetery, Campo Verano.

From the Church and the Pope

The use of Sacred Scripture in the writings of Saint Josemaria

By Scott Hahn. In a certain sense we can fully understand the accomplishments of St. Josemaría, or the graces he received, when we come to understand his use of the Scriptures.


Get inside the skin of those people in the Gospel

Lidia, from Barbastro, Spain, asks Bishop Javier Echeverria, Prelate of Opus Dei, how to pray with the Gospel. He suggests trying to "get inside the skin" of those people in the Gospel, and Mary specifically, and to talk to them.

Prelate of Opus Dei

The sorrows and joys of St Joseph

Palmira Laguens


Friends of God

A canticle to ordinary life, addressed to ordinary Christians, about the extraordinary surprise God has in store for them. This compilation was the first posthumous work of Saint Josemaría