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I ask God for the miracle of peace

After the decrees of the miracles were announced, the Prelate of Opus Dei mentioned that the approval of a miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed Josemaria is a cause of great joy for him. And he added, "Today, with Christmas only a few days away, I beg God to grant us the miracle of peace, a peace that sometimes seems impossible to attain..."

From the Prelate

Letter from the Prelate of Opus Dei on the tragedy in the United States

Bishop Javier Echevarria, the Prelate of Opus Dei, sent a letter to the Vicar of Opus Dei for the United States, Rev. Arne A. Panula, about the tragic events today.

From the Prelate

Blessed Josemaría's contribution to the Church and the world

"Through Opus Dei’s founder the church has been given a lasting, energetic message. As the Pope said, this message is 'destined to last in unchanging fashion, regardless of historical vicissitudes, as an inexhaustible source of spiritual light.'"

From the Prelate