St Josemaría: Newsletter No. 27: Passionately Loving the Church

Throughout his life, St Josemaría Escrivá reflected an attitude of complete fidelity and service to the Church, “the same one Christ founded. It cannot be any other.”

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In March 1934, St Josemaría wrote to members of Opus Dei in his first Instruction on its supernatural spirit: Christ. Mary. The Pope. Haven’t we just summed up in three words the loves that constitute the entire Catholic faith?

Commenting on this, his successor Blessed Alvaro del Portillo had stated: “This is what the Father has taught us from the very beginning.” For the Work has not come to innovate anything in the Church, much less reform anything. Regarding the faith and the morals of Jesus Christ, it faithfully accepts whatever the Church teaches to be true. We do not wish to be freed from the (holy) restraint of the common discipline of Christians. On the contrary, by God’s grace – and may He pardon this apparent lack of humility – we want to be the best sons and daughters of the Church and the Pope (Letter 9 January 1932, 1).