​Beatification will be in Valdebebas Park, northeast of Madrid

Valdebebas, a new urban development site near the Spanish capital, will host the beatification of Alvaro del Portillo in September. The website www.alvaro14.org has details about the program, transport, etc.

Cathedral of Madrid and the Royal Palace

The beatification Mass will be presided by the Pope’s delegate, Cardinal Angelo Amato.

Teresa Sadaba, spokesperson for the organizing committee, says that although the area is still under construction it has in place the infrastructure required for the ceremony.

With the occasion of the beatification, a number of projects have been begun to assist people who are suffering because of the current economic crisis in Spain. Pilgrims to the event will also be asked to contribute to social development projects inspired by the future blessed in Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Congo.

Moreover, as Teresa Sadaba points out, the arrival of so many people from around the world will be a big boost to the local economy, especially in the hotel, transport and commercial sectors. Many families are also opening up their homes for participants coming from Africa, Asia and Central and South America.

The city of Rome as well will be the site of a number of events, including a Mass of Thanksgiving and a meeting with the Pope during his October 1 general audience.

Alvaro del Portillo now has his own website (www.alvarodelportillo.org) with news about his life and teachings.

In addition, the official webpage for his beatification (www.alvaro14.org) will provide on an ongoing basis specific details about the ceremony in September.