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Trapped by the Floods in Germany

“Move fast! You’re in danger. Put what you need for three days in a knapsack. We’ll come back for you in a few minutes.” José Santos. a Portuguese doctor, recounts his dramatic experience during the recent floods in Germany.

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In Kenya: Conversion Amid the Pandemic

Njoki, a Cooperator of Opus Dei living in Kenya, talks about helping a friend to become a Catholic amid the ongoing pandemic.

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Good Books for Lent and Holy Week

Here are some suggestions on books to read during Lent and Holy Week. With link to free eBook versions of some of these works.

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My "Way"

Chezhiyan, a software development manager from Bengaluru, India, had to undergo a kidney transplant. He tells about the support he received from his wife and a book by Saint Josemaría Escrivá

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Saint Raphael Meditation: The Gift of Time

A meditation (guided prayer) on the good use of God's gift of time.

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Blessed Alvaro: Devotion Around the World

In this documentary, aired on a Kenyan TV station shortly before Don Alvaro del Portillo's beatification in 2014, we see how devotion to him has spread to many countries around the world..

Álvaro del Portillo

Saint Raphael Meditation: Birthday of Our Lady

A meditation (guided prayer) on the Nativity of Our Lady, which the Church celebrates on 8 September.

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Nexus Podcasts

An interview with Jotham Njoroge in Kenya about this resource for young men. With an audience now in 30 different countries, it is reaching far beyond Kenya.

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Saint Raphael Meditation: the Virtue of Patience

Patience is the virtue that enables us to accept generously and peacefully, out of love for God, everything we find displeasing.

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Queenship of Mary: Saint Raphael Meditation (22 August 2020)

The crowning of Mary as Queen of all creation is the culmination of all the privileges granted to our Lady.

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