Josemaria Escriva's books now available on the Internet

A new website offers the writings of Opus Dei's founder in English, French, Italian and Spanish, with a text search feature.

Recent News

The published works of Josemaria Escriva are now on the internet at (see link on right). The new site contains "The Way"—with 4,500,000 copies distributed in 43 languages—and other books of Christian spirituality written by Blessed Josemaria: "Furrow", "Forge", "Christ Is Passing By", Friends of God", "Holy Rosary", "The Way of the Cross", and "Conversations". These works are currently available in four languages: Spanish, French, Italian and English. Eventually other works by Blessed Josemaria will be added, as well as translations into other languages.

'The Way' has been published in 43 languages.  The Latvian edition is the most recent (November 2001).

The new website has a search engine which permits the visitor to use various criteria to find words and phrases in any or all of the included books. The site also offers its users, aside from standard internet services (printer-friendly versions, send to a friend, etc.) the possibility of creating a personal folder to save texts for future reference.

The books of Josemaria Escriva have been translated into dozens of languages and have brought the Christian message to hundreds of thousands of people. Like "The Way", the brief points of "Furrow" and "The Forge" provide insights which strengthen the spiritual life and the human virtues of the reader. "Friends of God", "Christ Is Passing By" and "In Love with the Church" contain homilies that invite the reader to a personal encounter with Christ.

"Holy Rosary" and "The Way of the Cross" offer brief yet deep reflections on these practices of Christian piety. Finally, "Conversations" is a collection of interviews of Blessed Josemaria done by various media outlets in the sixties, with questions that remain relevant today.