March 1: Launch of Three International Instagram Accounts

The three new Instagram accounts in Spanish, English and Portuguese will aim to show the attractiveness of the Christian message to today’s men and women in a language they can understand, and always with a positive and sometimes humorous outlook.

Opus Dei - March 1: Launch of Three International Instagram Accounts

On March 1, three new international accounts will go live on Instagram: @opusdei_es in Spanish, @opusdei_en in English, and @opusdei_pt in Portuguese. Each is planned and managed by a team of collaborators around the world, many of whom come from the previous national accounts and the multilingual international account.

Instagram is naturally international, and the reorganization of accounts means that each channel will be able to speak more clearly and share the Church's teachings, messages from the Pope, and the spirit of Opus Dei with a worldwide audience.

All three accounts are now public and will start publishing content on March 1. You can follow @opusdei_es here, @opusdei_en here, and @opusdei_pt here.

We talked to the team about the new project:

How do you talk about God on something as limited as social media?

It’s the beginning of a conversation that ends somewhere else, like any good conversation that begins in a public place: it starts there and later goes beyond it. All our ways of talking about God are limited. In fact, all our ways of talking, period, are limited. It’s hard to express everything you want to say, but that doesn’t stop us from talking!

Our faith is beautiful and always new, and Instagram is image-based and fast-paced, so it’s a good fit. And Instagram lets us dialogue with our followers in a unique way. We learn a lot from them.

A collection of stories on the new English-language account.

Why change the way Instagram accounts of Opus Dei have run up to now?

We’re joining forces because we’ll be able to work better by working together. Instagram is an international platform and we have a message for the whole world. The richness of what is universal is made visible in the diversity of specific cultures and circumstances, and the international team allows us to show that diversity more clearly.

Will there be more accounts in other languages?

Yes, certainly. This is a new project and it’s going to grow.

Why do you recommend following Opus Dei on Instagram?

We see Instagram as one of the most important public spaces today, so it's a great way to hear what the Pope and the Prelate are saying. Besides, we can learn a lot from the way others speak and talk about things.

How can we help?

By following us in your own language and sharing the page with friends. And feedback and new ideas are always welcome.