The Greatest Moments from St. Josemaria's Catechesis in Europe and America

The new channel of St. Josemaria on YouTube features short videos and summaries of his gatherings with families, friends, and members of Opus Dei.

From 1971 to 1974, the founder of Opus Dei travelled through Europe and America on catechetical journeys. Over the course of those four years, he visited Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Venezuela, and Colombia.

He held gatherings of all sizes with groups in those countries, answering questions about Christian life, the sanctification of work, caring for families, and the state of society. His YouTube channel has started publishing short remastered clips of those gatherings, ranging from under a minute to three minutes long. There you’ll find simple questions about loving the Pope or handling the weight of everyday routine, as well as more complex questions that St. Josemaria responds to affectionately and with good humour: how to overcome marital disputes, what to do when a child is seriously ill, how to talk to a friend about the Mass, etc.

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The channel also contains some longer video summaries of these encounters. Four have been uploaded thus far: Barcelona (Spain), São Paulo (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Lima (Peru).

Gathering with St. Josemaría in Buenos Aires, 1974

These and other videos with subtitles in multiple languages can be found on the official website of St. Josemaria.

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