"The Journey of a Journey": 50th Anniversary of St. Josemaria in Latin America

A multimedia site with a variety of audiovisual and infographic resources that show how the charism of Opus Dei has been brought to life in different cultures, for the 50th anniversary of St. Josemaria's trip to several Latin American countries from May 1974 to February 1975.

On 22 May 1974, St. Josemaria landed in São Paulo, Brazil, beginning a journey that would take him through Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia (where, for health reasons, he was only able to spend a few minutes in the airport), and Venezuela the same year. He returned to Venezuela and Guatemala in 1975.

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50 YEARS OF ST. JOSEMARIA IN LATIN AMERICA: live ordinary life holily

“I've come here to learn,” the founder repeated more than once in gatherings with the people of the countries he visited. With that phrase, he opened the door to a fruitful exchange that can been seen in life stories and projects 50 years later, showing the impact of the message of Opus Dei in the continent.

The content of each section of the site gives a glimpse of those stories, because the story continues. The content is available in Spanish and Portuguese:

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The journey continues with infographics from each country: 

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