Opus Dei in Kenya and Uganda

Opus Dei started in Kenya in 1958, by the direct impulse of St. Josemaría Escrivá. It was the first country on the African Continent where faithful of Opus Dei were to go.

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Opus Dei in East Africa
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For him for her

My name is Raymond, from Uganda. I work in a private university as a teaching fellow. Here in Kampala, we’re on lockdown again. During the first lockdown, I stumbled across the video series entitled “The Adventure of Marriage”. These were introduced to me by a brother of mine. I was glued to the first video and the idea that hit my mind is how can I use these to better myself and my girlfriend for marriage.

Spiritual Kitty Party

After completing her graduation, Joslin worked as a Computer Instructor and Computer Programmer in India and abroad. Now she lives in Mumbai with her husband and two daughters. During these trying times of pandemic, among restrictions, confinement and lockdowns, fear and uncertainties, she found a nice and simple way of keeping in touch, accompanying and helping her friends from home: virtual “Kitty parties.”