Theology of the Body and 100 youth

February is very much coloured by Valentine’s Day. Pink. Teddy bears. Red roses. Dates. My February this year was rather different. It was coloured by a seminar I attended on Theology of the Body.

Opus Dei - Theology of the Body and 100 youth

Correct. Theology of the Body. There is a theology on the body! Who knew!? In fact, one other attendant I met out of the 100+ who attended the two-part seminar on two Saturdays in February aptly spoke my thoughts: “Honestly, there's so much I didn't know about Catholicism and its position or doctrine on relationships! Even the health bit that he touched on! Made me wonder how much more we don't know. Or we think we do, but just have the wrong info…”

The two sessions were held in a conference hall just off Waiyaki Way and the first thing I noted when my late-self got into the hall was “Ooookay… These are very many young people!” And true enough, during the snack break, many guys were what you’d call "young professionals" or else in the tail end of their university life.

The speaker was a medical doctor turned priest. And the two sessions he took us through were a valiant attempt at summarising what Pope St. John Paul II taught over 129 sessions concerning sex, the male body, the female body, marriage, love, God’s love, human love, commitment, courtship and so on. I have to admit this is one topic I quite frankly have never heard spoken about so openly, so deeply and so beautifully before. And yes, I am awake during the homilies and sermons in Church every Sunday.

My most important take-home from Theology of the Body?

First that I’m among a rather large group of young Kenyans who are really interested in deep, solid answers to things so intimate as sex and my own body, intimate love and how God fits into all of that – or rather, how that all fits into God. It’s also doubly encouraging that these are the young guys I’ll be meeting in future talks and seminars.

Secondly that the Church has some pretty deep stuff to say about topics I have always thought “men in cassocks” would know little or nothing about. One young lady I met there was commenting she’s been looking for young people like herself looking to discuss these deep topics. She was very much blown away by this seminar.

Thirdly is that human love is something beyond beautiful! After attending the two sessions, I would have no hesitation in saying that is something very much divine! And how that idea fits in neatly with so many other things the Catholic Church teaches about family, about courtship and so on I have to admit makes much more sense than I expected.