The Influence of Dora

Dora del Hoyo was the first assistant numerary of Opus Dei who died on 10th January 2004, just a day before turning 90. Assistant numeraries are ladies who have the vocation in Opus Dei to live apostolic celibacy and take care of their homes, the centres of the Work.

Opus Dei - The Influence of Dora

Dora took care of the home to a professional level and showed how taking care of details and learning the best way to do things, whether it’s preparing a meal, or cleaning a room in the house or laundering clothes is a great service to others but above all to God – we can become holy, like our Lady, if we do this work with human perfection and supernatural sense.

Tewa Technical Training Institute is located in Kuruwitu, Kilifi County. It is a project of Kianda Foundation that provides quality education for girls and women in the field of hospitality. Kilifi County is one of the poorest counties in Kenya with low literacy levels especially for girls and poor nutrition. It is with the aim of improving the plight of women in the County, and their families, that Kianda Foundation began this project.

The young and not so young students at Tewa want to become home makers. They enjoy everything they are doing. The most exciting days are those of special lunches. They put all their efforts to produce the best meal ever! They may not hear the comments from the guests directly but they are able to assess the impact the meal had by the amount of left over.

Group of students at Tewa with a colourful dish of fruit salad they had been working on

One of the special meals is ‘Sea food’. This is a combination of several types of fish from the ocean. We specialize in producing:

  • Stuffed crab
  • Grilled lobster
  • Devilled prawns
  • Stuffed calamari
  • Exotic calamari
  • Stewed octopus (Coasterian style)
  • Fried whole parrot fish/Tewa fish

All these go down well with steamed rice, elaborate vegetable salad topped up with equatorial fruits.

Stuffed Calamari

Exotic Calamari

Grilled Tewa Fish

Let’s look at one of the recipes of the sea food:


  1. It’s normally obtained while alive.
  2. Cook in boiling water for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Strain and put in cold water to stop further cooking.
  4. Remove the shell and separate the meat from the surrounding shell. This takes a lot of time since the flesh is almost fixed in the shell. A handful will give you two stuffed crabs.
  5. Make a tasty cheese sauce then add a little mustard powder with salt. This sauce should not be too thick or too thin.
  6. After the sauce has cooked add the crab meat, give it a two turn mix and switch off the fire.
  7. Fill the outer shell of the crab with the mixture, add grated cheese and finish it in a moderately hot oven for about 10 minutes.
  8. Serve hot

Stuffed crab