The Christmas Journey with Pope Francis

Contemplating the Nativity scene is a sweet and old tradition in the Church, as Pope Francis pointed out in his Apostolic letter, Admirabile Signum. More than just marveling at the artistry of the scene, we are called to contemplate the fate of each character depicted there. In each person in the crib, each animal and each physical object, we can see how God’s plan unfolds in our own lives. In this little booklet, you will find each chapter focusing on one of the personalities of the Nativity scene.

Using different homilies preached by Pope Francis on the theme of faith as a journey, we begin with Jesus Christ, the light for our journey as the centerpiece of our contemplation. Then we go to Mary, his mother who accompanies us in our decisions along this journey and St. Joseph who protects us along the way. After this earthly trinity, we consider God’s providence in the lives of the Shepherds and the Magi, not excluding Herod who tries to use his cunning to oppose God’s plans. Lastly, we consider the donkey, a humble beast of burden that also participates in the mystery of our salvation. All creation must feel the effects of Christ’s redemption, for it was “though him and for him that all things were created.” (Col 1:16)

The Christmas Journey, arranged and edited by Jotham Njoroge.