Prayer Booklet to Accompany the Sick

This free booklet provides helpful reading and prayers for family and caregivers of those who are dying or gravely ill. Quotes from the saints - especially St. Josemaria - can help the person to prepare well for their encounter with the Lord.

At this time in our lives, as we consider the need for accompaniment when someone is dying or gravely ill , a booklet like this offers helpful reading and prayers for family and caregivers, as well as any person who wants to pray.

In the booklet, you will also find quotes from the saints, especially St. Josemaria. Praying with these quotes can help a sick or dying person prepare well for their encounter with God.

If at any time you feel uneasy at the thought of our sister death because you see yourself to be such a poor creature, take heart. Heaven awaits us and consider: what will it be like when all the infinite beauty and greatness, and happiness and Love of God will be poured into the poor clay vessel that the human being is, to satisfy it eternally with the freshness of an ever new joy? ” - Saint Josemaria.

Special thanks to the team at Entrust Care for making this available for free online.

Download the End-of-Life Prayer Booklet as a pdf, or access it below:

Novena for the Sick

"Children. The Sick. — As you write these words, don't you feel tempted to use capitals? The reason is that in children and in the sick, a soul in love sees Him."

The Novena for the Sick, with many quotes from St. Josemaria's writings, encourages accepting suffering with a Christian spirit, uniting it to Christ's passion and death, and asks God for a cure if such be his will.

Ever since St Josemaria died on June 26, 1975, hundreds of people have written about favors they have received through his intercession: material help, conversions, firm decisions to return to the practice of the faith, and also the healing of people who were sick.

Download the Novena for the Sick as a pdf.

Saint Josemaria with Isidoro Zorzano, one of the earliest members of Opus Dei, who died in 1943.