Great happiness in marriage

Sometimes a book recommended by a friend can change our lives. Here we read about one such case.

Personal testimonies
Opus Dei - Great happiness in marriage

Some time ago I suggested to Edward that he might like to read the biography of Tomas and Paquita Alvira, Our Lives in his hands by Olga Marlin. He bought the book and decided to read it together with his wife Ana. They were so excited reading about the struggles of the Alvira couple to be saints in their marriage that they looked forward to reading the book every day.

After a while Edward called me to tell me that they had finished reading the book and had decided to talk about it at the meetings of the small Christian community in the parish where they belong. They had planned to give some talks about the Alvira family and to have the attendees buy the book. That way they would learn to improve their dealings with God through their love for each other and their children.

Edward said: "The Alvira couple was the epitome of happiness that results from a bright and cheerful home, where work and family are combined harmoniously and God is the main author. It is a book that every married couple should read together." Since then jokingly Edward calls Ana ‘Paquita’ and she calls Edward ‘Tomas’, hoping that the holiness of Paquita and Tomas will reach them first and spread through them.

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