Contract Awarded for 2 years

Jeremy White is a faithful of Opus Dei who died in Nigeria in 1990 with a reputation for holiness. He was born in Aldershot, England on May 18, 1938. He did a bachelor’s degree in History and Modern languages in Cambridge University. He converted from Anglicanism in 1959. In the same year, he moved to Nairobi, Kenya, to help with the start of Strathmore College. While in Nairobi he asked for admission to Opus Dei. In 1965 he moved to Nigeria to help in the start of Opus Dei activities in that country.

I am writing to inform you about another favour that I received through the intercession of Jeremy White.

In March this year I communicated to you how the intercession of Jeremy White made me get a contract for a small piece of work out of the blue. The same organization contacted me immediately thereafter and told me they wanted to carry out a due diligence of my company with a view to offering us a new project. Being a large financial institution they were going to look at the policies, accounts and references as part of their due diligence.

I started saying the prayer card to Jeremy White since I knew I did not have some of the information they would ask for as we are a new company. When the company contacted me they asked me to submit a proposal for the project and I did. At this point I discovered that the first part of my prayer had been answered as they did not require me to produce those documents which in fact I did not have. The Proposal evaluation and approval started in early June and we discussed our proposal and fine tuned it.

This afternoon (4th July) I have received a contract for services to be offered over a period of two years. While I only applied for the immediate need they decided to retain my services for a longer period (2 years) and secondly they did not invite any other organization to bid for the same. I want to thank God for granting me this favour through the intercession of Jeremy White. Thank you very much.

Paul M

For more information about Jeremy White’s life see a short biography by Ikechukwu Obiaya: Good Humour, Patience and Perseverance. The story of Jeremy White.