A short interview with Thomas Mundia

Thomas Mundia, a Kenyan business man and family man explains his vocation to Opus Dei.

Tell us something about yourself.  

My name is Thomas Mundia. I am 37 year-old graduate from Moi University, where I did Economics. I married a wonderful wife, Hedaya, and we have three beautiful, adorable and lovely children: Adia (4 years), Tamasha (2 years), and Amana (4 months). I ran an insurance brokerage firm and also an entertainment company.   

In this Company (my wife is also actively involved) we organize events and entertain  people, making parties and gatherings really joyful and fun. I think this initiative came into my head when I realized that in Nairobi there were very limited possibilities for wholesome entertainment. It is a pity to find so many people, and especially young people, who associate enjoyment with vice and immoral behaviour: getting drunk, lust, bad movies, you name it. Such entertainment only offers a short-lived spark of joy and definitely brings only sorrow in the end. So I prayed about this issue and together with my wife decided to become "agents of change" by showing in practical ways that enjoyment is something that belongs to human nature and that cheerfulness is deeply human and Christian. We ventured into this industry and now offer all possibilities of genuine fun within a family and sensible morality. It is not a matter of preaching within the fun or playing Gospel music. No! It is a matter of really enjoying a moment without offending God. This really cheers you up.. and believe me, this cheer lasts.

Why did you join Opus Dei?

I was convinced I had found a path to holiness that suited my circumstances and now, as a father of what promises to be, God willing, a large family, I see clearly that I took the right step. In Opus Dei, we learn to do things well, taking care of the little things of everyday life. And so, without doing anything extraordinary, without apparitions, I have been taught to struggle to pray and be a good father, an honest worker… and it pays, both financially and spiritually. 


Has being in Opus Dei changed your life in any way?

Tremendously!! Thanks to the formation, practical advise, warm love and care I receive from Opus Dei, I'm encouraged to keep on the fight to be a better husband, father, businessman (I have recently received an industry award) and so much more: true and lasting cheerfulness and the peace of knowing I am God's child no matter what.