A path of freedom through the Pyrenees

The documentary about the Crossing of the Pyrenees, produced by Arturo Méndiz, winner of three Goya´s and Oscar nominee, premiers on the feast of saint Joseph, patron of Opus Dei, to whom saint Josemaría had great devotion.

“We want everyone to know the adventure of st. Josemaría as he evaded capture on his way to Andorra in the autumn of 1937”. These are words of Jordi Piferrer, of the Association of Friends of the Route from Pallerols de Rialp to Andorra, that explain the new documentary about the Crossing of the Pyrenees.

The documentary, produced in Spanish, English and Catalán, has a duration of twenty-two minutes. It is directed by Arturo Méndiz, winner of three Goya´s, a Golden Palm in the Cannes festival and Oscar nominee for Timecode.

The documentary focusses on the passing of st. Josemaría through Pallerols de Rialp and the finding of the Rose in the church of Pallerols. This finding assured Josemaría, who was interiorly distressed and confused, that it was the will of God to continue to Andorra.

For the second part of the documentary, the itinerary of the Crossing of the Pyrenees is filmed from a helicopter. This expedition was completed in five nights, walking from Oliana to Andorra a distance of one hundred kilometers across mountains and rivers to reach Andorra on December 2, 1937.

Relive the experience of saint Josemaría

According to Piferrer, “we have produced this documentary because we are aware that many people want to follow this route and relive the experience of saint Josemaría; we have also formed a team of guides that shall accompany those who desire it”. Already thousands have gone through Pallerols.

In the past few years, many volunteers have helped the Association to reach its objectives: the routes of the expedition have been opened, some buildings along the path have been renovated, the public has been made aware of the route, and the creation of a research centre and the reconstruction of the church and rectory of Pallerols have been promoted.

With regard to the documentary, the producer Arturo Méndiz says, “when I was contracted to make the documentary on the Crossing of the Pyrenees, I sought to delve into the facts with the desire that people perceive the suffering of the those who made those expeditions”. Where the aerial images failed to transmit the message, the director made use of the drawings of a young illustrator, Regina Insenser, and the music of Luis Meseguer also helped. Jaon Girbau directed the photography and finally, the Raier club of Lleida contributed the extras.