A letter to my Child

On 16th of May, Pope Francis concluded his series of Wednesday catechesis on the Sacrament of Baptism. Here is a short story on how keen one couple in East Africa was to have their first born baby baptised.

Personal testimonies

To: Our dearest daughter Pilar

Peace of Christ be with you always. We your parents are pleased and grateful to God to have you as our first born child. out of love, we have chosen to baptise you on the 13th day after your birth because we have always wanted you to belong to the Church as soon as possible.

We have chosen for you the Catholic Faith that we profess as well. Remember that we want you to always keep this precious Faith and live according to the teachings of the Church.

We have chosen for you the name Pilar as your first name which is the title after Our Lady of Pilar, as an honor to her. Through the intercession of Our Lady, we have received many favours in our life. Ask her for favours always.

We pray as we introduce you to the Catholic Faith through baptism to always love Mass and make it the centre of your life. Pray the Rosary daily.

We entrust your protection to the care of the Blessed Virgin. May she be your role model as you grow to be a woman of favour from God.

We love you!

Your parents,
Joan & Benson.