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The Family that Cooks Together at Christmas Time

In 2008, my family started what is today a much-anticipated year-end tradition: a Christmas Holiday Cook-Off!

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Finding Hope and Joy in a Pandemic: International Zoom Conference

From December 8-12, Parents for Education Foundation, a network of 15 schools in the Philippines following St. Josemaría Escriva’s advice on home and school collaboration, is teaming up with global institutions and speakers for a free international Zoom conference for parents, educators and youth.

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Tech-Voc School Seeks to Spur Economy Beyond the Pandemic

Dualtech Training Center in the Philippines has been educating youth and providing workers for industry since 1982.

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"Was God asking me to go beyond my comfort zone?"

When Marianella Mendoza realized how serious the impact of the pandemic in the Philippines was on the daily wage earners in her town, she asked herself: "Was God asking me to go beyond my comfort zone?"

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Assisting the Poorest of the Poor

When COVID-19 struck last year, a university professor mobilized her friends to assist the nearby Aeta communities, the earliest known inhabitants of the Philippines.

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Fathers Strengthening Families

Leading up to Father’s Day this coming Sunday, featured here are dads taking the lead in a new family life podcast celebrating 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines.

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With Pope Francis in Erbil (Iraq)

Lito Articona, who has been working in Iraq for 6 years, describes the recent papal visit in this behind-the-scenes narrative.

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Driving for a Change

Lauan University Center volunteers collected and distributed food and care packages to jeepney drivers and their families whose incomes were drastically cut by the pandemic restrictions.

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Stronger Families: Key to Recovering from the Pandemic

With the year for reflecting on the family set to begin in March, here is an article from the Philippines about the family as the foundation of society and the key to recovering from the pandemic.

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Lockdown with Montse Grases

Raymond, a physics major and a varsity-level chess player, discovered an inspiration for his own life of faith in the story of Montse Grases.