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A New Primary School for Ugandans

Since 1996 Bugala, an Opus Dei centre in Kampala, has organized work camps in villages in Uganda. This year, a group of Germans, Spaniards and Ugandans completed Phase 2 of St. Mary's Primary School.

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Saving the Unborn

Domtila, a supernumerary member of the Prelature with 6 children, has spent the past 25 years running a crisis pregnancy center in Nairobi, Kenya that has saved the lives of many babies.

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Apostolic Visit to Africa: Homilies and Addresses

All of Pope Francis' homilies and addresses during his 25-30 November trip to Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic.

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"I always keep two things in my pocket"

At the meeting with young people in Nairobi, Kenya on 27 November, Pope Francis revealed what keeps him going in difficult moments: the Rosary and small "Way of the Cross" that he always carries with him. With some reactions from those who saw him during his visit.

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Preparing for the Pope's Visit to Africa

As the arrival date of Pope Francis in Kenya draws closer, the preparations and excitement have grown. The media has played a big role with daily articles in the newspapers and programmes on TV. The whole country is eager to welcome Pope Francis.

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Kenya Welcomes the Pope

A brief video made by Strathmore University students to welcome Pope Francis to Kenya for his 25-30 November apostolic visit to Africa.

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Pope Francis' Trip to 3 African Countries

Links to addresses and homilies during Pope Francis' 5-day apostolic visit to Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic.

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Job Training in Africa's Largest Slum

A new college of technology with facilities for 800 students was recently inaugurated in a slum district just east of Nairobi, Kenya, where over a million people live in desperate poverty.

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Overcoming Racial Tensions in Kenya

An article published in "The Nigerian Observer" on how Strathmore College, the first multi-racial college in East Africa, helped to overcome the widespread racial tensions in Kenya in the 1950s and 60s.

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Ebola: "On our own we can do nothing"

Steve Ogunde is a Kenyan engineer now in Liberia helping to fight the Ebola crisis. He says "the spirit of Opus Dei gives me strength to face the reality of death."