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10 Ways to Make This Summer Better

Summer offers families the opportunity to make plans together and spend more time with each other. Republished here are some helpful tips for anyone needing inspiration.

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Saint Josemaría Newsletter: Discovering God in the Family

The Amoris Laetitia Family Year convoked by Pope Francis will close on 26 June 2022, with the 10th World Meeting of Families in Rome.


St Josemaria: Newsletter No. 24: On the Family

This Newsletter is dedicated to the teachings of St Josemaria on the family.


Little House, Big Family!

At the beginning of the fifth week of quarantine I was asked “How are you managing with all your kids in that little house of yours?” My husband and I have a happy little brood of nine children ranging in ages from 5 to 22.

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St. Josemaria: Tips For Getting Along

In his preaching, the "saint of ordinary life" often made small suggestions on how to get along with others. Here is a selection of his ideas that could help at this time.

Pray with Saint Josemaría

"Dangers Along the Way" — second video in series

Sole and Juampi, an Argentinian couple, continue the story of their married life together. Second in a series of six videos that could serve as a resource for pre-marriage courses.

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The joy of a sincere and true love

We celebrate the first anniversary of "Amoris Laetitia" with a collection of quotes from the Apostolic Exhortation which can help us reflect and take up the joyful challenge of the most important virtue.

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Family Traditions: The Annual "Crespillos"

Knowing how to be creative with what one has at home: perhaps this example could serve as inspiration. Every year on the "Friday of Sorrows" (the Friday before Palm Sunday), the mother of Saint Josemaría, Dolores Escrivá, used to prepare a special dessert called "crespillos".​ It was a simple dessert that she ​would only make on that day, and thus the family would look forward to it. The recipe is easy to follow and inexpensive, and makes for a tasty and original dessert for your family.


I Came Across Her Prayer Card

I am very impressed with Dora. About three weeks ago, I came across her prayer card in a chapel and I said to myself, "If I feel like I'm 'in a hole' for how bad I feel, then what could be better than to pray to Dora 'del Hoyo' (Spanish for 'of the hole')." I even started to use her name as a password, to remind myself to pray to her.


One Like Us on the Way to Sainthood

I met Dora in 1995, when domestic work was far from my life and even farther from my mind. Dora and I happened to coincide on two occasions in particular in a period of about two months time. This however was enough for me to realize how she was, how she lived, for whom and why she had spent her days giving of herself to the full. There was no need for long explanations to grasp the meaning of her existence. Dora knew the meaning of her life and the path to achieve it to the full.