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Saint Paul and the Eucharist

We conclude the series of videos on the Apostle St. Paul with one on the Eucharist, the greatest gift Paul brought to the new Christian communities (02’15”).

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Saint Paul and Work

This month’s new video for the Year of St. Paul speaks about the essential role of work in the Apostle’s teachings (02’02”)

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St. Paul and the First Christians

Prof. John Wauck speaks about the Apostle's concern for the first Christian communities. A new video for the Pauline Year (03’16’’).

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St. Paul and Christ’s Divinity

Prof. Bob Gahl speaks about St. Paul’s deep conviction that Christ is the Son of God, the Lord and Messiah. A new video for the Pauline Year (01’46’’).

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St. Paul and Charity

"If I don't have love...." Without charity, without love for others, our actions have no meaning. Professor Carla Rossi speaks about St. Paul's beautiful hymn in praise of charity (2'44").

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Saint Paul's Letters

Professor Bernardo Estrada speaks about the heritage St. Paul transmitted to all Christians through his letters to the first Christian communities (02’50’’).

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St. Paul, Tireless Preacher

The monthly video on the Apostle to the Gentiles focuses on St. Paul's apostolic activity: "Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel" (02'12").

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St. Paul: Union of Faith and Reason

The Apostle sees his faith as in no way opposed to human reasoning. Thus he is always ready to dialogue with anyone sincerely seeking the truth. A new video in the Year of St. Paul (04’40’’).

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Free to Build the Future

Freedom is not only a right: it entails a responsibility that should lead Christians to get involved in trying to solve the problems in contemporary society. We offer an article that confronts this question in the light of some of St. Josemaria's teachings.

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Saint Paul's Vocation

In this new video in the series on Saint Paul, Prof. Bernardo Estrada speaks about the Apostle's vocation.

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