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It Seemed Humanly Impossible

I am writing to report two favors which I received in the last year through the intercession of Dora. Thanks to her, I was able to find and keep the job that I love.


Unity of Life in Professional Work

“Any honorable work can be prayer and all prayerful work is apostolate. In this way the soul develops a unity of life, which is both simple and strong." A new article in the series on sanctifying work.

Fostering Interior Life

Sanctifying with our Work

“Sanctity, for the vast majority of people, implies sanctifying their work, sanctifying themselves in it, and sanctifying others through it,” the Founder of Opus Dei tells us.

Fostering Interior Life

Work is a way to holiness

Bishop Alvaro del Portillo explains how work helps us to be Christians at all times, not just on the weekends.


Then I began to work better

Manuel is a hairdresser and lives in Peru. In this short video he tells how St Josemaria's message changed his work and family life.

Pray with Saint Josemaría

I want to tell about a favor from St Josemaria

At the end of May I gave up my job to look for one where I could specialize as a psychologist and at the same time earn my living. The first days of June I started looking, and sending my resume to very many places. I got no results, and it was getting towards the end of the month.

Devotion and Favors

The Family: Work and Celebration

The Seventh World Meeting of Families will take place from May 30 to June 3 in Milan, Italy. The theme for the meeting is "The Family: Work and Celebration". This is because the question of how to achieve a work-life balance is one that affects families throughout the world.

Recent News

"Finishing properly the tasks committed to us”

Sanctity is made up of heroic acts. Therefore, in our work we are asked for the heroism of finishing properly the tasks committed to us, day after day, even though they are the same tasks. If we don't, then we do not want to be saints. (Furrow, 529)

Daily Texts

“Your work too must become a personal prayer”

Before you start working, place a crucifix on your desk or beside the tools you work with. From time to time glance at it... When tiredness creeps in, your eyes will go towards Jesus, and you will find new strength to continue with your task. For that crucifix is more than a picture of someone you love —parents, children, wife, sweetheart... He is everything: your Father, your Brother, your Friend, your God, the very Love of your loves. (The Way of the Cross, Eleventh Station, 5)

Daily Texts

“Sanctifying one's work is no fantastic dream”

Sanctifying one's work is no fantastic dream, but the mission of every Christian - yours and mine. That is what that lathe-worker had discovered, when he said: "I am overwhelmed with happiness when I think how true it is that while I am working at the lathe and singing - singing all the time, on the outside and on the inside - I can become a saint. How good God is!" (Furrow, 517)

Daily Texts