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eBook: "Unity and Love for the Good Shepherd"

A new ebook in celebration of Pope Francis' birthday on 17 December. Christian unity is a participation in the unity of love among the Persons of the Blessed Trinity. On earth, this unity of love is realized through affective and effective union with the Roman Pontiff. In Opus Dei, as part of the Church, it is also expressed through filiation with the Prelate.

Fostering Interior Life

29 June: St. Peter and St. Paul

On 29 June, we commemorate the martyrdom of Saints Peter and Paul in Rome. To help celebrate this solemnity, here are 12 excerpts from St. Josemaria's writings about love for the Pope.

Pray with Saint Josemaría

Out of the Heart's Abundance: Truth and Charity in Judging Others

The vice of gossip is a recurring theme in Pope Francis's preaching. This article contains some considerations on gossip and judging others, from both a spiritual and human perspective.

Fostering Interior Life

"That They May Be One": Prayer for Christian Unity

Meditations for each day of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, from 18 to 25 January, which ends on the feast of the conversion of Saint Paul.

Fostering Interior Life

Saint Severinus, Martyr

Saint Josemaria wanted the feast of Saint Severinus on November 8th to be an opportunity each year to reflect on the importance of unity in our life.

Fostering Interior Life

Address of Benedict XVI at Ecumenical Prayer Service

“Grant that we may all be one, as you are one with the Father”: Did Jesus’ prayer go unheard? The history of Christianity is in some sense the visible element of this drama in which Christ strives and suffers with us human beings. Ever anew he must endure the rejection of unity, yet ever anew unity takes place with him and thus with the triune God. Adress of Benedict XVI during the Apostolic Journey to Germany, on 2011 during an ECUMENICAL PRAYER SERVICE

From the Church and the Pope

Monday's Gospel: United to the Root, to Jesus

Gospel for Monday in the 3rd Week of Ordinary Time, and commentary.

Gospel commentary