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A Painting "Marathon" to Help Excluded Children

A young artist from Seville, Spain, set out to paint 400 paintings in 2 years, donating half of the profits to projects that help children at risk of social exclusion.

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Citiwise: Helping Irish Youth Excel

Citywise is an educational program in Dublin helping young people from difficult city backgrounds to aim high in life. It is inspired by the message of Saint Josemaria.

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Serenity for Families of Those Behind Bars

Some Italian volunteers are trying to help children whose fathers are in prison to reopen communication with them, especially through drawings and games.

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"A close-knit team"

In Abidjan in Ivory Coast, parents and teachers are working together closely to build a school that reinforces the values learned at home.

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"I forgave papa"

Maria Estela is Guatemalan. Several years ago she was taught the skills needed to earn an income in Ixoqui, a rural center that seeks to improve the material and spiritual life of the women in the area.

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"Always a plus sign"

Abel Albino is a pediatrician in Argentina. In 1995 he founded CONIN, an NGO that has set up more than 70 centers to combat infant malnutrition. From the documentary "Working for the Others" on social initiatives inspired by Blessed Alvaro del Portillo in Latin America.

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"They are girls who need a lot of affection"

Sofia Miguens teaches in Buen Consejo School, located in an impoverished district of Buenos Aires. Cardinal Bergoglio had a special love for this school and visited it several times.

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"Helping others"

In a get-together in Nairobi in 1989, Blessed Alvaro suggested that the best service we can render the poor is to give them the skills needed to find a job.


"People here are always giving thanks"

Isabel Covarrubias, a teacher from Santiago, Chile, is spending this semester helping out at Kimlea Technical Training Centre in Kenya.

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Kimlea Technical Training Centre

Near Nairobi, Kenya, Kimlea began in 1989 under the encouragement of Bishop Alvaro del Portillo. To date about 12,000 women have benefited, most of them young girls working on the tea and coffee plantations.

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