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Interview with the Prelate: "God expects lay people to engage in a constant dialogue of love"

An interview with Msgr. Fernando Ocáriz by the "Ecclesia" News Agency during the Prelate's recent trip to Portugal.

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Video and Stories: the Prelate of Opus Dei in Portugal

Video and stories from Msgr. Fernando Ocáriz's time in Portugal. He met with families, got to know educational initiatives, listened to stories from the recent World Youth Day, and spent time with the people of Opus Dei in the country.

From the Prelate

"You can still find a village in the city"

Julie received difficult news after the delivery of her sixth child: due to an infection from the epidural needle, her body was partially paralyzed. When her friends learned of her situation, they started planning how to support the family over the next several months. Julie narrates her own story.

Personal testimonies

“Saint Josemaría literally saved my life”

The story of Fernando, a nightclub doorman in Portugal who dreamed of being a soldier, and who eventually found God thanks to a movie about the founder of Opus Dei.

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Time for God and My Whole Family

Pedro, who lost his mother when he was five, studied architecture at the university. Now married and with 8 children, he talks about how he came to realize the need to put God first in his life, along with his whole family.

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"Finding God restored my joy"

Joanna, the mother of four children, works as an information technology consultant in Lisbon. After going through a dark period in her life, she recovered her joy after discovering the possibility of coming close to God in her daily life.

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"I left drugs and found Jesus in my work"

Bruno lived in the world of drugs. He hit rock bottom and went through a rehabilitation process. And God showed Himself to him in the sacraments, in the homeless, and in his job in a supermarket warehouse.

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“I confessed a sin I found it hard to confess, and walked away relieved”

Tiago is a health-care worker specializing in medical emergencies in Lisbon. He was at the forefront in the fight against the pandemic. One day he returned to God in the Sacrament of Confession and this helped him to be a better husband, father and worker.

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When Twin Brothers Decide to Enter the Diocesan Seminary

Dora met her husband at the radio station where she works. They have four children, two of whom, Pedro and Afonso, are twins. Both sons decided to enter the diocesan seminary, and will be ordained deacons on November 28 in Lisbon.

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“I sought peace in drugs and Reiki… and found it in prayer”

Catarina, who lives in Porto, Portugal, is a social worker. After a turbulent time in her life, she says that God helped her find peace in prayer, in her family, and in her work with the homeless.

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