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Youngeun (Rosaria) and Junwoong (Alvaro): From Korea to Rome To Be Baptized by the Pope

They met friends who frequent centers of Opus Dei in Korea, and were attracted to the faith little by little. At the Easter Vigil in St. Peter's Basilica on Saturday night, they will be received into the Catholic Church. These are their stories.

Personal testimonies

10 Years in Korea

In this video made in July 2019, four South Koreans talk about how the spirit of Opus Dei has influenced their own lives and families.

Personal testimonies

Hyeunmin's Noon Appointment

Although she wasn’t a believer, Hyeunmin accompanied a friend at work every day during their lunch break to pray the Angelus in a nearby church. Thus began her journey to the faith in Seoul, Korea.

Personal testimonies

Stories about "The Way"

The book written by Saint Josemaria with 999 brief considerations has now sold over five million copies since it was published in 1934. To mark this milestone, we will offer a number of personal stories about “The Way,” recounted by people who thanks to the book have discovered Christ.


Pope Francis: Homily for the Assumption

On Friday, August 15, Pope Francis celebrated his first public Mass during his 5-day visit to South Korea, in the World Cup Stadium in Daejeon.

From the Church and the Pope

Prelate's Trip to Singapore, Taiwan and Korea

​Bishop Javier Echevarría last week made a brief pastoral trip to Singapore, Taiwan and Korea. Opus Dei’s apostolic work began there in a stable way in 1982, 1985 and 2009, respectively.

From the Prelate