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Fortitude (audio podcast)

St. Josemaria Escriva tells us that “a task which presents no difficulties lacks human appeal – and supernatural appeal too. If you find no resistance when hammering a nail into a wall, what can you expect to hang on it?” (The Forge, no. 245)

The Strength of Love

The Strength of Love

A downloadable audio version of St Josemaria’s homily “The Strength of Love”, published in the book Friends of God. He explains how the Lord does not say that the proof of his disciples, faithfulness will be the working of wondrous miracles and prodigies, although he gave them the power to perform them, in the Holy Spirit. What does he tell them? "You shall be known as my disciples if you love one another".

That all may be saved

That all may be saved

St Josemaria's homily "That all may be saved" published in Friends of God, is now available in mp3 format. "Our task as children of God is to get all men to enter, freely, into the divine net; to get them to love each other."

St Josemaria’s love of singing

St Josemaria used to love singing love-songs, to which he gave a new meaning about loving God. Here there are mp3 versions of some of the songs used by St Josemaria for his prayer.