“Commend yourself to the Archangel Raphael”

You laugh because I tell you that you have a 'vocation for marriage'? Well, you have just that: a vocation. Commend yourself to the Archangel Raphael that he may keep you pure, as he did Tobias, until the end of the way. (The Way, 27)

You tell me that in your breast you have fire and water, cold and heat, empty passions and God... one candle lit to Saint Michael and another to the devil. Don't worry: as long as you want to fight there are not two candles burning in your breast. There is only one: the Archangel's. (The Way, 724)

How frankly you laughed when I advised you to put the years of your youth under the protection of Saint Raphael: 'so that he'll lead you, like young Tobias, to a holy marriage, with a girl who is good and pretty and rich', I told you, jokingly. And then, how thoughtful you became!... when I went on to advise you to put yourself also under the patronage of that young apostle John; in case God were to ask more of you. (The Way, 360)

The Blessed Virgin Mary, Teacher of unlimited self-giving. Do you remember? It was in praise of her that Jesus Christ said: "Whoever fulfills the Will of my Father, he - she - is my mother!..." Ask of this good Mother that her answer with the generosity it shows, may grow stronger in your soul - with the strength of love and liberation. Ecce ancilla Domini - behold the handmaid of the Lord. (Furrow, 33)

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