St Josemaria at the Moncloa Students Residence in Madrid

A former student of the Moncloa students' residence in Madrid, Spain, re-lives his memories from a get-together there in 1972, with St Josemaria and other students.

Memories of St Josemaria Escriva in Moncloa Students’ Residence

A former resident of Moncloa students’ residence in Madrid re-lives some memories of the get-together St Josemaria had in 1972 with some of the students there.

–Father, Father! I’m the dean, and I wanted to tell you –

–I can tell that by your mustache.

–You can’t think how happy we are to have you here, Father.

–What you may not know is that it took me many hours of prayer to set up this residence, Moncloa. It took a lot of prayer, and it was specifically due to God’s Providence that we could open it. But I won’t tell you about it because it would take too long.

–Yes, that’s just what I wanted to ask you, Father.

–Keep wanting, and one day you’ll hear about it.

I think that the Father was very much a university man. He loved being in university surroundings with students and lecturers and in halls of residence. He was full of optimism and joy, as people are at that age, when they are at college or university. The fact is that I was the dean then and hardly any of the residents at that time had met him before.

–Father, Father!


–How can we put you –

–You again?! Good heavens!

–He’s the dean, Father.

The Father began talking to us clearly, humorously, but demandingly, about many topics that concern university people, that concerned us, people of our age, and in those times. Things like friendships, study, and sports.

–I have a girlfriend, and I’d like you to tell me how I can love her more, so as to make Our Lady happy.

–You should love her very much, in a way that you won’t be ashamed of and she won’t either.

We presented him with a beautiful crucifix that we had all helped to find and contributed towards buying, all of us in the residence. And we were really delighted when he told us he would put it in his own office.

–I promise you that I’ll put it in my room, and at night I’ll say a short prayer that was a cry from St Peter’s heart: Domine, tu omnia nosti, tu scis quia amo te – Lord, you know everything, you know I love you! I’ll say that in the name of all of you. OK?

–Yes, Father!