To send news about a favor received

If you have received a favor through the intercession of Encarnita Ortega, you can use an online form to share this good news with the Office for the Cause of the Saints of the Prelature of Opus Dei. This will help show the effectiveness of Encarnita's intercession and spread devotion to her.

Who is Encarnita Ortega?

(Video, with English subtitles): Encarnita Ortega was born in Spain in 1920. She met Saint Josemaría in 1940 and discovered her vocation to Opus Dei: from then on, she began to put her professional and human talents at the service of God. She worked for several years in the government of Opus Dei in Rome. Upon returning to Spain, she directed initiatives for women, especially activities related to fashion and culture. She died in 1995, with a reputation for holiness.