The relics of Saint Josemaría return to Our Lady of Peace

The remains of the new saint have been returned now to Our Lady of Peace, the prelatic church of Opus Dei. St. Josemaría's casket was transferred on the afternoon of Thursday the 10th from the basilica of San Eugenio, after the final thanksgiving Mass celebrated by the prelate of the Opus Dei, Bishop Javier Echevarría.

Basilica of San Eugenio.

Veneration of the relics in San Eugenio

The casket with the body of the new saint remained exposed in the basilica of San Eugenio, facing the main altar, from October 3 to 10. During this time, said Fr. Michele Díaz, parish priest at San Eugenio, thousands of people passed through the basilica to venerate the relics of St. Josemaría. Fr. Díaz described it as a true "procession of piety and devotion," during which thousands of people went to confession. The faithful, he said, showed an "attitude of great recollection and prayer," and "many brought petitions to God through the intercession of the saint, and also many asked me to pass objects and letters with intentions by the casket of St. Josemaría." The parish priest noted that in the eight days of exposition 160 Masses were concelebrated in the basilica. Many young volunteers were on hand throughout the period, helping the people passing through the basilica with whatever was needed.

Marta Manzi: "Thanks to the Pope, to Rome, to the Vatican, to the volunteers and to all"

The spokesperson of the Canonization Organizing Committee, Marta Manzi, wanted to thank explicitly the persons and institutions involved in this event: the city of Rome, the Vatican, the government and the Italian institutions, the volunteers and all the participants. Manzi expressed her gratitude to the residents of Rome, and also begged their pardon "for the inconveniences produced by having so many people in the city." She added that "the celebration of the canonization of Josemaría Escrivá closes leaving a sense of deep gratitude on the part of those of us who have been part of this event. For the pilgrims who came to Rome, the happiness of the celebration has been heightened by the warm reception from a city that received them with affection."