The Stronger Faith We All Need

To strengthen our spiritual life during this global crisis, here are some resources that could help. Check back for daily updates.


For Saint Josemaria's feastday, Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz celebrated Mass in the Prelatic Church of Our Lady of Peace where the founder of Opus Dei is buried. A small group of faithful participated in the celebration. The Eucharistic Sacrifice was offered for the faithful of the Work, relatives and friends who have died during the pandemic. Here is the full text of the Prelate's homily.

► Did you know that Pope Francis just added 3 new titles to the Litany of Loreto that is often prayed at the end of the rosary?

► In his 24 June General Audience, Pope Francis continued his catechesis on prayer, speaking about the prayer of David, calling it "the golden thread running through his life."

►A new, illustrated biography of Saint Josemaria is being published by the St. Josemaria Institute, with over 300 photos (including unpublished ones), maps, infographics and autograph texts.

► In our podcast's latest episode, Oscar-nominee® Timothy Reckart talks about how to get the creative juices flowing, why you shouldn't read the news when creatively problem-solving, and why it's a good idea to talk movies over with friends after you see one.

► In his June 19th letter, Monsignor Ocáriz invites us to ask our Lord for a heart like His, so that we can bring peace to those around us.

►This month, we will celebrate Saint Josemaria's feastday on the anniversary of his death. Check out some clips of his preaching that have just been remastered and can be viewed with a much higher visual and audio quality.

► Do your June recollection at a distance with the June Recollection Kit.


This link is updated every week with the Pope's general audience on Wednesdays.

► At this link, you can always access the following (all times Rome time): the Pope's general audience (every Wednesday at 9.30 AM) and the Angelus (every Sunday at 12 noon).

Latest updates about the Pope.


Holiness Through Work (2020) is a book offers reflections on the sanctification of work and includes a transcript of a discussion between university professors and Monsignor Ocáriz, the Prelate of Opus Dei.

Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz speaks about Saint Josemaria's pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico in May 1970 to pray for the Church and the whole world:

Letter from the Prelate (15 May 2020): As the lockdown begins to be lifted in many places, Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz encourages us to show others the attractiveness of being Christ's disciple with our own lives.

Audio Meditation of the Prelate: "Mary's Friendship":

Audio Meditation of the Prelate: "Mother of God and our Hope":

► A message of encouragement from Mons. Fernando Ocáriz in light of the pandemic.


► Here are some links to online Masses which may be useful while there are no public Masses in churches.

6 tips for living the Mass better under the present circumstances.

► A reflection on the spiritual communion that Saint Josemaría often prayed.


The Fundamental Right to Hope: Pope Francis said in his homily at the Easter Vigil: “Jesus’ hope is different. He plants in our hearts the conviction that God is able to make everything work unto good, because even from the grave he brings life.”

► Many are having difficulty accessing the sacraments. Here is an article to help you work through this situation: Confession: a God Who Runs to Meet Us.

Note from the Apostolic Penitentiary on Confession about the gravity of the present circumstances.

Decree of the Apostolic Penitentiary on the possibility of special indulgences to the faithful in the current pandemic.

What is a Plenary Indulgence? #Covid-19


Prayers to Pray with the Sick: A free booklet that provides helpful reading and prayers for family and caregivers of those who are dying or gravely ill.

► This Novena for the Sick is a way to pray with Saint Josemaría for all those who are suffering illness.

Caring for the Elderly When They Need It Most: Reflections about taking care of people who are transitioning from independence to assisted living, either at home or in a facility.

Ideas from Pope Francis about caring for the sick in our families.


"What more can I do?": As we face a global health crisis, we may find ourselves feeling helpless or at a loss about the best ways to respond or react. What difference can one person really make to improve such a complex situation? The example of Joanna from Singapore shows that knowledge of one’s personal circumstances, a network of good friends, and a bit of initiative can go a long way.

The Creativity of Love: From the Philippines to Argentina and Poland, these stories are just a sample of where creativity at the service of charity can lead us in our current adverse circumstances.

The "Covid Backliners" A husband and wife team in the Philippines coordinate an emergency supply chain of food and medical supplies to support their local hospitals and essential services. It all began with a simple question: what can we do to help?

A Wedding During the Pandemic: An uplifting story about a couple who decided to still go ahead and get married despite the lockdown forcing them to reduce their wedding guest list to four people.

St. Josemaria: Tips For Getting Along: Maintaining family peace is not always easy if you have to spend 24-hours under the same roof. Here's some food for thought from the "saint of ordinary life".

Ideas for supporting one another and maintaining friendships at a distance.

Five Remedies Against Sadness. We have all been sad at one point. Is there a trick for overcoming sorrow and recovering our smile?

Snow-covered Volcanos: Did you know Saint Josemaria spent months in forced confinement during the Spanish Civil War?

Podcast for young people: Listen to fellow peers who are finding ways to take advantage of this period in the best possible way. Tune in now to Corona: Use it, Don't Lose it.


► A selection of meditations by different priests of Opus Dei to "inflame" your prayer, wherever you are.

Looking for shorter options?

10 Minutes with Jesus: Daily podcast reflections to inspire your prayer.


► Here you can read a commentary on Sunday's Gospel.