Love for our Lady

"Our Mother in heaven deserves all the love our poor hearts are capable of," Blessed Alvaro del Portillo tells us in this excerpt from his May 1985 Letter.

Praying the Rosary at the sanctuary of Lujan, during Saint Josemaria's trip to Argentina in June 1974.

“My daughters and sons, our Mother in heaven deserves all the love our poor hearts are capable of. Our Lady never forgets us, and is always concerned about each of us. Mary protects and helps us, shelters and defends us. And we, do we constantly remember our Lady? Marian piety is so important in the spirit of the Work that our Founder, in all humility, didn’t hesitate to put himself as an example: ‘if I want you to imitate me in anything, it is in the love I have for our Lady.’

“So let us strive to imitate his piety and devotion to Mary Most Holy, especially in this month of May, so that we grow in the habit of going and returning to Jesus constantly through Mary.

Ask yourself, my daughter, my son: Do I try to put new love each day into my effort to stay close to our Lady? Do I sincerely try to pray the Holy Rosary very well, without rushing, contemplating each mystery? Do I pray the Angelus or Regina Coeli attentively?

Do I greet my Mother Holy Mary with filial love when I enter or leave my room and when I see her statue or picture on the city streets? Do I go to her each day, asking for purity in souls? Do I entrust to her the ‘crusade’ of purity that the world so greatly needs? Do I spread devotion to our Lady, and learn from her humility? Do I entrust to our Mother the peace and unity in family homes?" (Letter, May 1985)

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