I got a raise and could continue my studies

My situation at work was not easy. On one occasion, I needed a raise; on another, I needed to change location in order to continue with my studies.

I got to know about Don Alvaro while I was working, and I started to pray his prayer card and became more interested in his life. One day I read that he spoke about justice at work, and then I decided to ask him about my job. At that time my financial situation was not good, and I need a salary increase, so I decided to ask for his intercession.

To my great surprise, within a week I was called to my manager’s office, and he told me that I was getting a salary increase.

On another occasion, I needed to change workplace to continue with my studies. It seemed impossible, but just the same I asked Don Alvaro and a short time later I received an offer to work in the place I needed to go to.


I admire his serenity very much and I continue to ask for his intercession. I am certain that I continue to receive many graces from God when I pray the prayer card of Don Alvaro.

N.Z. - Peru