He Continues Helping From Heaven

A few of the many favors obtained through the intercession of Blessed Alvaro del Portillo in the year since his beatification on September 27, 2014.

(More information about Blessed Alvaro at his website: www.alvarodelportillo.org)

I am sure that I found work thanks to Blessed Alvaro. I had almost given up hope but he helped me find a job that fits very well with my training. It’s close to where I live and I’ll be working with people who seem open to the Catholic faith.

Thanks very much Blessed Alvaro. And I hope many more people will soon be giving you thanks, since I’m trying to spread your devotion to everyone I can. Thanks a lot.

M.J.P., 12 May 2015

A bit over a year ago the clutch broke on my car and it was going to cost me 500 euros to get it repaired. I was engaged at the time, and my future wife and I were trying to save up enough money to get married. So I called the dealership and tried to negotiate a lower price. The person I spoke with said it was impossible, since the warranty had expired and I would have to pay the full price for the repair. Discouraged, I hung up. But still I decided to pray to the then Servant of God Alvaro del Portillo, doing so in my own words since I didn’t have a prayer card or know the prayer for his intercession by heart.

As soon as I finished praying, the person at the dealership called me back and said he had spoken with his boss. They decided they would do the repair for free despite the fact that the warranty had expired.

Since then, I have asked Blessed Alvaro for many other favors and have always received them. On May 12, the feast of Blessed Alvaro, the doctors informed us that my wife was pregnant and that our child would be a boy. So of course we decided to name him Alvaro.

M.A.T., 5 June 2015

I have been praying the prayer for Blessed Alvaro del Portillo’s intercession for a long time time now. I had the joy of meeting him personally and have a lot of devotion to him. Recently I asked him to obtain a scholarship for my daughter to continue studying at the university. Our financial situation isn’t very good and we can’t pay for her education. For both my daughter and my wife and I it was important that she be able to continue her studies. Yesterday we learned that our daughter has received the scholarship. Thank you Blessed Alvaro.

M.P., 29 July 2015

Hello, I would like to inform you of a favor obtained through the intercession of Blessed Alvaro. I am a nurse and since October 2014 I have been living in Congo D.R. I teach in the ISSI (Institut Supérieur en Sciences Infirmières), a social initiative begun under Blessed Alvaro’s ímpetus. But that’s another story. What I want to tell you is that when I got to my office today the computer wasn’t working. After several atempts to turn it on, I decided to entrust the problem to Blessed Alvaro. I prayed his prayer card three times and told him that if he granted me this favor I would write it down. Well, what is promised is a duty. So here is my record of this small favor, which shows that not only great miracles are needed, but also miracles in ordinary life, entrusted to great saints.

O.T., 12 August 2015

I own a business that imports products for eye-care practitioners. In July we ordered an especially big shipment, in 6 containers. One of these, the most valuable one, was lost and never reached Guatemala.

After two days without hearing any news about the missing container I decided to pray the prayer card to Blessed Alvaro. I was amazed at the result since just as I was finishing the Glory Be the shipping company called to tell me that the container had been located in Venezuala and would soon be forwarded to Guatemala. Thank you Blessed Alvaro!

M.F.A., 18 August 2015

I’m 11 years old and don’t have my own email address, so I’m using my Dad’s. I want to let you know that Blessed Alvaro has helped me a lot not to have bad nightmares.

I.S.H., 31 August 2015