Film Showing the Real Opus Dei Released

A new video showing the real Opus Dei will be released in New York on April 19 by the St. Josemaría Institute, with the title "Passionately Loving the World: Ordinary Americans Living the Spirituality of St. Josemaría."

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The new program features Opus Dei members and cooperators talking about their lives, giving an inside view of how they see themselves and how they try to live their faith.

“With The Da Vinci Code being released on May 19, Opus Dei has received a lot of attention,” said Terri Carron, a spokesperson. “This video is a way to show how Saint Josemaría and Opus Dei have had a positive effect on the lives of thousands of people.”

The 28-minute video includes interviews with people from across the United States who have found inspiration in the spirituality of St. Josemaría Escrivá, Opus Dei’s founder. Subjects include a fire-fighter in Los Angeles, a salesperson in Houston, a farmer in Illinois, an entrepreneur in New Jersey, and others. 

The video, written, directed and produced by The Cresta Group of Chicago, is the first initiative of the St. Josemaría Institute, an organization that promotes Escrivá’s message of finding God in daily life. The premiere screening of the video will occur at the official New York inauguration of the St. Josemaría Institute on April 19 at Lighthouse International Auditorium of Manhattan.

“I think this video will help show people the broad appeal of Saint Josemaría’s message about finding God in everyday life,” said Julie Koenig, Vice President of the Saint Josemaría Institute. 

To obtain a copy of the video or to learn more about the Saint Josemaría Institute, visit

People interested in attending the inauguration in New York may contact or call 1-877-stjosemaria for more information.