"Everything done for love is big"

Bishop Alvaro del Portillo insists on the importance of small things done for love, in the spirit taught by Saint Josemaria.

Saint Josemaria and Alvaro del Portillo, in 1956.

"Reflect on the fact that one of the chief characteristics of our Father’s [Saint Josemaria’s] spirit was the marvellous intertwining—in a heart so huge, in a soul that flew so high—of love and small things, perceptible only to pupils dilated by love. Domine, ut aperiantur oculi nostri (Mt 20:33). May our eyes be opened Lord! Let us try to ensure that our love for God does not slip through the cracks of negligence in apparently small matters, which are not such in God’s sight since everything done for love is big.

The words I have just reminded you of, which you yourselves have so often heard directly from our Father’s lips or read in his writings, were like a chorus he kept repeating. This was especially so of late when he noticed, for instance, the dismantling of love in liturgical actions through small omissions, or when he was saddened to see people waver in their faith because they judged small details of prudence to be unimportant. He kept on saying to us with persevering supernatural stubbornness (this term is not disrespectful, but expresses filial gratitude): “My children, nothing is of little importance” . . .

Those who persevere in striving to be faithful to the little things of each day will feel our Father moving them to have a great soul, ready to fly upwards with a love that is beautiful in God’s eyes.” (Letter, September 30, 1975, no. 41)