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"I left drugs and found Jesus in my work"

Bruno lived in the world of drugs. He hit rock bottom and went through a rehabilitation process. And God showed Himself to him in the sacraments, in the homeless, and in his job in a supermarket warehouse.

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What does it mean to sanctify work?

To sanctify work is to strive to do it well, with professional competence, putting all of one's talents, intelligence, will and affection into the work at hand. However, it is also a matter of one’s intention at the moment of working. It is worth asking oneself: Why am I doing this? What is the point of doing it well when no one sees me?

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Caring for the Elderly When They Need It Most

"As I delved deeper into the reality of aging (some of which I gleaned through caring for my own family) certain unmet needs became more apparent to me." An attorney shares how and why she founded a homecare agency for the elderly.

Personal testimonies

Sanctifying Work and "Christianizing" Society

On the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker, here is an article on a key aspect of Saint Josemaria's message: growing in holiness by offering our work done with love to God.

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eBook: “Working well, working for love”

The sanctification of work is at the heart of the message of Saint Josemaría. But what does it mean to sanctify our work? How is it done? We offer an eBook for free download with sixteen essays on this topic.

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The Soul Dances: Tiredness and rest (II)

"It is helpful to discover how to rest amid the small occurrences of everyday life." The second part of an article on the need to rest in the midst of a life of hard work.

Fostering Interior Life

“Sine Sole Sileo”: Tiredness and rest (I)

A two-part article on the need to rest amid a life of hard work as God's sons and daughters.

Fostering Interior Life

Dora and the Dignity of Work

"Daily work has the same dignity whether you are a neuro-surgeon or the lady dedicated to ironing clothes at home," writes Álvaro Sarmiento on the occasion of International Worker's Day, celebrated on May 1st.


St. Josemaria Understands You're Human

Video. Annamaria, a nursing student from California, USA, explains why she wants to be a nurse and how reading St. Josemaria's books, especially The Way, Furrow and The Forge, has helped her overcome discouragement in her daily life.


St. Josemaria Taught Me How to Work with Love

On June 26th, 1975, Ana Lorente happened to be in Opus Dei's central headquarters and on that day, she took a series of final photos of St. Josemaria, for posterity's sake.