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"The whole world is our homeland"

Bishop Javier Echevarría, Prelate of Opus Dei, encourages university students from all over the world attending the 2016 UNIV Congress in Rome during Holy Week to strive to stay close to Christ each day and to share their faith with those around them, and to pray especially for the Pope.

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Prelate shares memories of June 26, 1975

Javi!, shouted St. Josemaria as he collapsed on the floor. Bishop Javier Echevarria witnessed his final moments. In this interview shown on Spanish television last Christmas, the Prelate recalls some details of June 26, 1975 (7:49).

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“I Can’t Give What I Don’t Have”

How did Opus Dei come about? Has it fulfilled its mission? What is the greatest difficulty you confront as Prelate? In this video, Bishop Echevarría responds to these and other questions asked by a journalist from the Italian television network RAI (8’24”).

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