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To Poland and Back

A sudden inspiration led Thais and Sonsoles on an adventure that took them to Poland and back to rescue refugees from Ukraine.

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Doubling the Size of Our Family

A Polish saying goes: “a guest in the house, God in the house.” The story of a Polish family that has opened its doors to Ukrainian refugees.

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"If we want the world to change, then first our hearts must change"

Homily of Pope Francis on March 25th during the celebration of the Sacrament of Penance with the Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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“What any mother would do for her child”

“Early on February 24 we heard the news that Putin had invaded Ukraine. I spoke with Vova, my foster son, and heard these words on the other end that made me tremble: ‘Mother, I don’t want to die.’” Thus María José begins her story, from Seville.

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“Life is more important than luggage”

After an exhausting flight from their burnt-out hometown, two Ukrainian mothers and their children have found shelter in Hohewand conference center in Austria.

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“On the other side of our border a war has broken out”

Michal, a supernumerary of Opus Dei living in Poland and the father of four children, recounts his family’s efforts over the past days to assist the flood of refugees arriving from Ukraine.

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"The Way": a Joy for Clandestine Seminarians

A priest in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church speaks about the support he found as a seminarian in Saint Josemaria's book during the communist years in his country.


God Smiles On Kiev

Yuri lives in Kiev (Ukraine) with his wife and daughter. He was baptized seven years ago. Soon after becoming a Catholic he met Opus Dei, which he says was another "big discovery."

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