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Temperance consists of an inner harmony that enables the person to choose well. It is a cardinal virtue that helps us to enjoy goods freely, without allowing them to dominate or enslave us.

Doctrinal Articles

Very Human, Very Divine (XI): Then the World Speaks to Us

Temperance in the desire to know enables us to grasp the deepest truth about the world, and become contemplative souls in the middle of the world.

Fostering Interior Life

Temperance and Self-mastery (II)

"Those who are masters of themselves have marvelous possibilities to dedicate themselves to the service of God and neighbor, and thus attain the greatest happiness and peace possible here on earth."

Fostering Interior Life

Educating the Emotions

"Christian morality does not regard human feelings with distrust. On the contrary, it gives importance to fostering and guiding them, since they have a great bearing on living a happy life."

Fostering Interior Life

Temperance and Self-mastery (I)

"Have the courage to teach children austerity. If not, you won’t accomplish anything," St. Josemaria insisted. A new article in the series on the family, of which 5 are now available in English.

Fostering Interior Life